Medical Supplies

An extensive line up of medical supplies for your healthcare shopping convenience at New Horizon Pharmacy!

Maternity Supplies

Control Solutions


Bathtub Bench

Walking Aids

Pedia-Size Wheelchairs

Diabetic Shoes

Bathroom Safety Bench

Adjustable Elevation Wheelchairs

Under pads

Digital Thermometer

Diabetic Care Supplies

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Undergarments for Men and Women

Back Shower Gurney

Shower Bench

Blood Glucose Exam Kit with free strips

Hospital Bedside Tables


Glucose Monitoring Systems

Bathtub Rail

Sturdy Grab Bars

Insulin Injections

Portable Oxygen Tank


Motorized Scooters

Wheel Chair Support

Transport Bench

Medical Folding Steel Commode

Quad Sticks



Nebulizers and Compressors

Support Crutches

Bladder Control Supplies

Bath Seat Riser

Blood Glucose Test Strips

Bedding Pads

Adult Diapers

Support Belt and Supplies